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Funeral home records from Jones & Jones Funeral Home, Wenatchee, Washington.

We have been entrusted by Eldon Hawkins, Director of Jones and Jones Funeral Home to house and care for the Funeral Records from 1929 through 1986. This past year Jones and Jones and Betts Funeral Homes of the Wenatchee Area have merged and WAGS was asked if it would house and care for the Jones and Jones Records.

We thank Eldon Hawkins for thinking of us and trusting us to care for these records. Indexing these records is now complete and we are in the process of placing them in Archival Folders. There are 15,467 records so it is going to take months for this process. We will make these available as we proceed. At this time, most of the records are available.

The Jones and Jones Record information is available to our members and patrons for a fee which includes copies, postage and envelopes. Because of the fragile condition of the records, selected members are the only individuals to handle these records and copy them. We will be making copies and mailing on Wednesdays to those who use the request form via Internet or Walk-in. Walk-in members and patrons will also receive a mailed copy or it can be held at the WAGS Library for pick-up. ALL REQUESTS MUST BE ON THE REQUEST FORM.
All the funeral home records online were updated April 18, 2012. If you know the name, search the Jones & Jones records here!

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